Island View

What’s it like to live in the San Juan Islands, a Washington State archipelago in the Salish Sea? Learn more

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Road View

What’s it like to travel the West by Land Yacht, staying in National Parks and big cities?  Learn more

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City View

What’s it like to live in Ballard/Seattle, enjoying the city, the Sound, the Peninsula, and the mountains? Learn more

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Mountain View

What’s it like to live in Boulder, enjoying Colorado and New Mexico, summer and winter? Learn more

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Journal View

What’s day-to-day life like on a beautiful, private, small island with no ferry service? Learn more

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Boating View

What’s it like to do boating every day in all kinds of weather, in sailboats, powerboats, kayaks, rowboats, inflatables? Learn more

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Place View

What places in Britain, Europe, North America, and Africa are both special and not overrun? Learn more

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Re View

What books, film, music, museums, podcasts are worth the time they take? Learn more

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Legacy View

You’ve got thousands of photos, videos, letters, special objects and you’re not going to live forever. Now what? Learn more

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Living life as if it mattered

If you’re older, retired or soon to be, it’s worth considering your options. You can safely age in place doing the same things, remodeling your house to accommodate your increasingly decrepit body. Or you can take a chance and live in new places doing new things.

Or maybe you’re younger but have had enough of being monetized, building your personal brand, and acquiring marketable skills so you can be a cog in the capitalist machine.

What have you always wanted to do but haven’t? Is there a place you’ve wanted to live but didn’t pursue it? Is it crazy to think you can actually live a different kind of life? What if money (a modest amount) isn’t an issue? Or what if you can make a living from home, wherever that is?

Ok, sure but what makes sense? All very exciting but what doesn’t anyone talk about? How can you make up your mind?

Sounding Line may have the ideas and answers you’re looking for.