What is Sounding Line?

Sounding Line is an ambitious, free, multi-topic, irregularly published blog focused on living well in interesting places and in satisfying ways that considers both the past and the future and is intended especially for those escaping the rat race, retired or intending to be.

Sounding Line has no commercial agenda or aspirations and intends to report accurately though idiosyncratically, describing both what’s desirable and attractive and what’s not so much.

Sounding Line makes no claim to describe anything other that what the author has directly observed except when noted.

Sounding Line focuses on nine areas or categories:

  • Living on Orcas and Crane Islands, in the San Juan Islands in northwest Washington State (Island View)
  • Motorhome travel in the western U.S. (Road View)
  • Living in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle and in Olympia, Washington State capital (City View)
  • Living in Boulder and enjoying Colorado and the mountain/desert states (Mountain View)
  • Closely observed daily life over twelve months on Crane Island (Journal View)
  • Pleasures and problems in Puget Sound and the Straight of Georgia in five different boats over sixteen years (Boating View)
  • Experiences as a traveler in cities and countryside and on the water in North America, Europe, and Africa (Place View)
  • Reviews of books, movies, podcasts, museums and other cultural artifacts (Re View)
  • Problems and solutions in dealing with the legacies we’ve received and those we’ll leave (Legacy View)